VW rims simply buy online at RZO

Do you drive a popular Volkswagen and want to make your model stand out even more from other vehicles with original VW rims? Then RZO is the right address for you. We are happy to help you with the choice of new Volkswagen complete wheels. Whether you are looking for winter rims for your VW or VW rims with summer tires: At RZO you will always find what you are looking for quickly. We are happy to advise you competently by phone, WhatsApp, e-mail or directly on site. It has never been so easy to buy VW rims!

VW complete wheels for your Volkswagen

Original rims from Volkswagen provide a first-class driving experience, lower fuel consumption, a special lightness when driving through the aluminum rims and for a sporty design. Purchase your VW complete wheels right now and enjoy a unique driving pleasure - without any noise or disturbing sensations while driving, because only the original rims from VW prevent that.

At RZO you will find a large selection of original VW wheels for your Volkswagen. Whether you drive a VW Golf, VW ID.3, VW Jetta, VW Passat, VW Polo, VW Touran or VW UP! - we find the right wheels for every Volkswagen model for the summer and winter season.

How do I recognize original VW wheels?

You have fallen in love with a new set of VW rims and are just not sure if they are original? Then pay attention to the following tips:

  • In most cases, manufacturers have engraved their brand logo on the rim. So look for the well-known VW logo on your Volkswagen rim.
  • Look at the part number, which can be found on the inside of the rim.
  • Look for other information about the rim, such as the size and offset. You can find this rim data on the inside of the VW rim.
  • Look for a high quality - unevenness or even major defects also indicate a plagiarism, because each Volkswagen rim is manufactured with the highest precision and passes through a strict inspection before it reaches the market.
  • Buy your VW complete wheels at your trusted dealer! At RZO you get only tested original VW rims.

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Original VW complete winter wheels at the best price

The cold season is just around the corner and new VW winter wheels are needed. If you want to be stylish and safe on the road with your Volkswagen in winter, you should reach for original VW winter wheels from RZO. Because only with us you get winter wheels from Volkswagen at the absolute best price. VW rims with winter tires not only provide the perfect performance, but also ensure the necessary safety on the road thanks to their design.

Why original VW summer wheels are important

The warm summer days put you in a particularly good mood and invite you to take small and large trips by car. With all the preparations, new summer wheels for your Volkswagen should not be missing. Original VW summer wheels give your vehicle the final touch and provide real wow moments. At RZO you will find a large selection of original VW wheels for every Volkswagen model. We will be happy to advise you on the color, size and shape of the new VW summer wheels and, if necessary, store your winter set directly with us.

Why not drive VW winter wheels in the summer?

Winter tires are designed for cold temperatures and react differently in summer than summer tires. In summer temperatures, winter tires have significant weaknesses in the wet and can not brake your vehicle fast enough. The braking distance extends with winter tires in summer enormously and can thus lead to dangerous situations. The driving stability is also no longer as much as in winter.

Wheels should therefore always be driven to match the season. A tire change at summer and winter time is absolutely sensible and contributes to your safety!

What are the advantages of VW summer wheels in summer?

In the summer, you should use original VW summer wheels for your Volkswagen to remain safe on the road. The rubber compound of summer tires is much harder than the compound of winter tires and ensures that the tire does not rub off too quickly on the hot asphalt and can come to a quick stop even at high speeds.

The tread of VW summer wheels is also different from that of winter wheels. Summer tires have a significantly broader tread to quickly remove wetness and continue to ensure grip even in the rain.

Those who use suitable VW summer wheels in the summer also save fuel thanks to the rubber compound and have a better mileage of the tires thanks to the low abrasion.

Why drive VW winter wheels in winter?

Especially in winter it is important to use quality VW winter wheels. Due to the cold temperatures, the complete wheels are required quite differently than in the summer time and must be able to bring your Volkswagen quickly and safely to a halt in an emergency.

For safety reasons, the ADAC recommends a minimum tread depth of 4 mm for winter tires - the legal minimum tread depth is 1.6 mm. If your winter tires still meet these requirements, but are already 6 years old or even older, you should still change your tires. Due to the cold weather, the rubber compound of your winter wheels becomes so hard that the grip in winter decreases and safety is no longer guaranteed.

You are unsure which VW winter wheels fit your Volkswagen? Then contact us and we will advise you competently on site or simply by phone. Thanks to the large selection of VW wheels that we have in stock at any time, we will find together and quickly the perfect size and look for your car.

What are the advantages of original Volkswagen rims?

Who decides for original VW rims, not only receives an optimal fit for the corresponding Volkswagen model, but thus also increases the value of his vehicle. Thanks to the high quality, a high mileage as well as an optimal driving experience can be expected at any time. The lightweight alloy wheels from VW minimize any noise while driving and thus ensure the greatest possible comfort. Due to the large selection of original Volkswagen at RZO, you can find the right Volkswagen complete wheels for every VW model and for every taste.

✓ First class quality

✓ Long life & optimum performance

✓ No TÜV registration necessary

✓ 100% accuracy of fit

✓ Upgrading of your Volkswagen

✓ Vain and modern design