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Since the 70s, the popular Jetta car has already been coming off the production line at Volkswagen. The VW Jetta 1 represented at that time an alternative to the Golf 1 and came with a slightly better standard equipment. The VW Jetta 2 followed as early as the mid-80s and impresses with an even larger trunk. True Jetta fans can regularly look forward to new models from Volkswagen. The 2022 Volkswagen Jetta impresses with a modern sports equipment, which was designed for all VW lovers who do not want to switch to a Jetta GLI.

Do you drive the popular Jetta VW or VW Jetta GLI and want to buy original rims for your dream car? Then you've come to the right place. RZO is your partner for original complete wheels! We will help you competently in choosing your VW Jetta wheels and will be happy to advise you on the size, color and tire brand.

VW Jetta complete wheels for your sporty sedan

If you also attach great importance to quality and a high level of driving comfort, you should drive your VW Jetta with original Volkswagen complete wheels! The wheels not only fit your Jetta perfectly, they also emphasize your personal taste. You prefer it sporty, elegant or timeless and simple? Then go for original Jetta wheels and adapt the look of your car to your style.

Another advantage of original complete wheels for your VW Jetta is the high-quality driving experience. Because the rims have been optimally matched to your model by Volkswagen, you have lower fuel consumption thanks to the aluminum rims, longer mileage, minimized noise and disturbances and can thus have a unique enjoy driving fun.

At Räderzentrum Osnabrück you will find a very large selection of original wheels for the VW Jetta at any time - and for every season! Make an appointment with us now and get competent advice. We are also happy to mount the new wheels directly on your car.

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Volkswagen Jetta wheels for the summer

As soon as the first rays of sunshine sweeten the days, the Jetta invites you to more trips. If you want to be on the safe side, you should adjust your tires to the season and schedule a tire change at the start of the season.

The warmer the temperatures, the more attention should be paid to original VW Jetta complete summer wheels. Thanks to the special rubber compound of the Jetta summer tires, there is significantly less abrasion and fuel is saved. In addition, original Jetta summer wheels have a wider profil and can wick away suddenly occurring wetness more quickly and improve braking performance. Contact your complete wheel experts from RZO now and we will find the perfect set for your VW Jetta!

Volkswagen Jetta rims for winter

The temperatures are permanently below 7 °C? Then it's time to drive original winter tires VW Jetta! Especially in the coldest season, the tires are particularly challenged and must ensure your safety on the road every day. Therefore, make sure that you change your rims Jetta appropriate and check with regard to the still existing profil and also with regard to the age. If your tires are already older than 6 years, but still have a minimum tread depth, they should still be changed.

Rely in winter on high-quality and original Jetta rims to quickly come to a halt in snow and icy conditions. Due to the special profil, you also have a noticeably better grip while driving with Jetta winter tires. Original VW Jetta complete winter wheels are available in various sizes and colors - we will be happy to advise you on what suits your model best. Of course, the look is purely a matter of taste, but we are sure that we will have the perfect original VW Jetta wheels in stock.

How do I recognize original VW Jetta wheels?

You want to buy new complete wheels or rims for your Volkswagen Jetta or VW Jetta GLI, but you are not sure if they are original VW? Then just follow these tips:

  • Volkswagen engraves the well-known VW logo on the inside of the rim.
  • Check the part number that can be found on the inside of the Jetta rim.
  • Look at the size and offset on the inside of the VW Jetta rims.
  • Pay attention to the high quality - unevenness or even major defects indicate plagiarism. Volkswagen rims are always manufactured with the highest precision and are subject to strict tests.
  • Buy your VW Jetta complete wheels only from the dealer you trust! At RZO you will only receive tested original VW Jetta wheels.

What are the advantages of original Jetta wheels?

If you are looking for new wheels for your Volkswagen and besides a high quality, also a long mileage and a high driving comfort is important to you, original VW Jetta wheels are exactly the right thing for you! The original Jetta wheels fit perfectly on your Volkswagen model and ensure not only the perfect fit, but also for an increase in value of your car. The complete wheels are ideally designed for your vehicle and thanks to the perfect interaction can minimize any noise while driving and absorb annoying shocks or even bumps from potholes.

At Räderzentrum Osnabrück you get only original Volkswagen rims for your Jetta! We are happy to advise you on the size, appearance and tire brand.

✓ First class quality & high durability

✓ Unique driving experience thanks to reduction of shocks & noise

✓ Optimal mileage

✓ Upgrading of your VW Jetta

✓ 100% accuracy of fit & no TÜV registration necessary

✓ Timeless, sporty and modern design