ID. Buzz

VW ID. Buzz rims easy to buy online at RZO

Do you drive the new fully electric Volkswagen ID. Buzz and want to round off the overall picture of your car with original VW ID Buzz rims? Then you've come to the right place at RZO. We're happy to help you choose new Volkswagen ID Buzz complete wheels. No matter whether you are looking for winter wheels for your VW ID Buzz or VW ID Buzz rims with summer tires: you will find it at RZO! We advise you competently by phone, WhatsApp, e-mail or directly on site. Buying wheels for your VW ID has never been so easy!

Complete wheels for your ID Buzz VW

Original rims from Volkswagen provide your VW ID. Buzz not only provide a first-class driving experience and a special ease of driving, they also emphasize the modern design of the popular ID Buzz.

At RZO you will find a large selection of original VW ID Buzz rims for your modern bus. No matter which rim you are looking for your E-Bus, we can offer you the latest models:

Light alloy wheels „Tilburg“

  • 19 Zoll Felgen für den VW ID Buzz in Schwarz mit glanzgedrehter Oberfläche.
  • VA: 1T3601025H, RA: 1T3601025J

  • Light alloy wheels „Venlo“

  • 19 inch rims for the ID Buzz from Volkswagen in silver.
  • FA: 1T3601025P, RA: 1T3601025Q

  • Light alloy wheels „Solna“

  • 20 inch rims for the VW ID Buzz in black with gloss turned surface.
  • FA: 1T3601025D, RA: 1T3601025E

  • Light alloy wheels „Stockton“

  • 20 inch rims for the ID Buzz from Volkswagen in silver.
  • FA: 1T3601025AB, RA: 1T3601025AC

  • Light alloy wheels „Bromberg“

  • 21 inch rims for the Volkswagen ID. Buzz in black with glossy turned surface.
  • FA: 1T3601025R, RA: 1T3601025S
  • Volkswagen ID. Buzz

    © Copyright by Swansway Motor Group, Unsplash

    Original VW ID Buzz winter complete wheels

    If a vacation is planned in a cold area or the temperatures at home drop below 7 degrees for a long time, it's time for a set of VW ID Buzz winter wheels. If you don't want to miss out on long mileage, high driving comfort and a modern look, you should go for original Volkswagen ID Buzz winter wheels. Thanks to their design, these original VW ID Buzz wheels with winter tires ensure your safety on the road and enhance your ID Buzz in the long term thanks to the high manufacturer quality.

    Why original ID Buzz summer wheels from VW are important

    If you want to buy original summer wheels for your ID Buzz, then RZO is the right place for you. We have a wide selection of modern ID Buzz wheels in stock, so you can add the finishing touches to your all-electric bus. Original VW ID. Buzz summer wheels are important because summer tires have a much harder rubber compound than winter tires, providing better braking performance in mild and warm temperatures. With ID Buzz summer wheels, your braking distance will be significantly shorter than if you were to drive with winter tires in the summer.

    How to recognize original ID. Buzz rims?

    You drive the environmentally conscious ID Buzz from Volkswagen or the ID Buzz long version and want to emphasize the modern look with original VW Buzz wheels? Then pay attention to the following notes when buying to make sure that it is original VW ID Buzz wheels:

  • In most cases, manufacturers engrave their brand logo on the rim. So look for the well-known Volkswagen logo on your VW ID Buzz rim.
  • Look at the part number that can be found on the inside of the rim.
  • Look for other information about the rim, such as the size and offset. These rim data can also be found on the inside of the VW Buzz rim.
  • Look for a high quality - unevenness or even major defects also indicate a plagiarism, because each Volkswagen ID. Buzz rim is manufactured with the highest precision and goes through a strict inspection before it reaches the market.
  • Buy your VW ID Buzz complete wheels at your trusted dealer! At RZO you will only receive tested original Volkswagen ID Buzz wheels.
  • What are the advantages of original Volkswagen ID. Buzz rims?

    Those who opt for original Volkswagen ID Buzz rims not only get the optimal fit for the new electric VW bus, but also increase the value of their vehicle in the long term. Thanks to the high quality, you can expect not only a high mileage but also an optimal driving experience. The light aluminum rims from VW minimize the ID. Buzz any noise while driving. Thanks to the large selection of original Volkswagen ID Buzz rims at RZO, there is the right rim for every taste.

    ✓ Highest manufacturer quality

    ✓ Long life & optimum performance

    ✓ No TÜV registration necessary

    ✓ Upgrade your VW ID. Buzz

    ✓ Modern and sporty design