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VW Atlas complete wheels buy at RZO

The beefy SUV from Volkswagen was designed for the US and Asian markets - a market launch in Western Europe is not planned at the current stage. The VW Atlas is built in Tennessee (USA) and is available on the market in the United States and Canada. In China, Mexico, Russia and the Middle East, the Atlas is called the Teramont and comes off the production line at Shanghai Volkswagen.

The new Volkswagen Teramont is striking at first glance due to its enormous size. Over 5m it measures in length and has an extreme wheelbase of 3m. No wonder that it is well-known as a miracle of space! The new 7-seater is a practical eye candy and ideal for family outings. Who wants to emphasize the beefy design even more, should rely on original VW Atlas complete wheels. The high-quality wheels come in modern and timeless designs and put the crown on the optics.

At Räderzentrum Osnabrück we offer you and your Teramont SUV a large selection of original Volkswagen Atlas winter complete wheels and Atlas summer complete wheels at an absolute best price. We are happy to advise you on the size, color and tire brand.

Complete wheels for your VW Teramont

If you want to further accentuate the overall look of your SUV, original complete wheels for your Atlas or Volkswagen Teramont are a great way to quickly change the look. For the 5 to 7 seater, there is a large range of sporty and robust wheels to get the most out of your Atlas.

Depending on your choice of Atlas Volkswagen wheels, your off-road sedan will look even more refined, sporty or classic. RZO is happy to help you find the perfect original Atlas wheels for your taste and needs. Of course, in addition to VW Atlas winter wheels, we can also offer you Volkswagen Teramont summer wheels to keep you safe and stylish on the road in any season.

The unique driving feel is just one advantage that original complete wheels from Volkswagen bring. Only original Atlas rims have been optimized for the model and ideally compensate for disturbing noises and disturbing sensations (e.g. due to potholes). Once you have driven original Atlas complete wheels, you will never want to go back.

At Räderzentrum Osnabrück you will find a very large selection of original wheels for the VW Atlas and Teramont - and for every season! Make an appointment with us now and let us advise you. We are also happy to mount the new wheels directly on your SUV.

Volkswagen Atlas Teramont

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VW Teramont summer complete wheels for the warm season

The warmer it gets on the roads, the more the desire arises to shine even more with his dream car. Matching Teramont summer wheels must not be missing! Depending on the variant, you can drive your SUV Teramont with 18" to 20" summer tires. The Atlas R-Line even comes with 21" summer wheels and makes your Volkswagen a very special eye-catcher.

If you want to drive safely and carefree through the hot season, you should definitely drive original VW Atlas complete summer wheels. Summer tires have been specially optimized for the warmest season and mean more safety on the road! The rubber compound is significantly harder than that of the Teramont winter wheels and ensures significantly less wear on the hot asphalt. The clear advantage: Your braking distance is shorter, your tires have a longer mileage and you also save fuel.

Atlas wheels for the summer have a significantly wider profil. This allows the moisture to be wicked away more quickly and the braking performance to be improved. Contact your RZO original complete wheel experts now and together we will find the perfect set for your VW Atlas or Volkswagen Teramont!

VW Atlas winter complete wheels for the cold season

When the temperatures become more and more uncomfortable and colder, it is slowly time for the tire change. If the temperatures are permanently below 7 °C, you should only be on the roads with Atlas winter tires or Teramont winter tires. Winter tires are made from a special rubber compound that has been specially optimized for cold weather and thus e.g. can provide the necessary grip and the shorter braking distance on slippery roads.

Depending on the variant, your SUV drives through the winter with 18" to 20" Atlas wheels. The sporty R-Line is even bigger and comes with 21" winter tires.

At Räderzentrum Osnabrück you will always find a large selection of Atlas winter tires and Atlas winter wheels. You are unsure about the possible size or color, what fits on your Volkswagen Teramont? Then talk to us and together we will find the perfect set of winter wheels for your SUV.

How to recognize original Volkswagen Atlas Teramont rims?

You are looking for single rims or even new complete wheels for your Volkswagen Atlas or VW Teramont and want to be absolutely sure that they are original goods from the manufacturer VW? Then keep these features in mind:

  • Volkswagen engraves the well-known VW logo on the inside of the Atlas and Teramont rims.
  • Check the part number found on the inside of each rim.
  • Look at the offset and size on the inside of the VW Teramont rim and Atlas rim.
  • Look for a high quality - unevenness or even major defects indicate plagiarism. Volkswagen Teramont rims are always manufactured with the highest precision and are subject to strict tests.
  • Buy your VW Atlas wheels only at the dealer you trust! At RZO you get only tested original VW Atlas and Teramont wheels.

What are the advantages of original VW Atlas Teramont rims?

If you choose original complete wheels from Volkswagen, you can count on many advantages and high quality. The original Atlas wheels adapt 100% to your SUV and therefore require no TÜV registration, the same of course also applies to original Teramont wheels. If you choose original Atlas complete wheels, you automatically increase the value of your car and can look forward to a long mileage. The investment is therefore not only sensible, but also cheaper in the long term.

At RZO you get only original VW rims for your Atlas and Teramont! We are happy to advise you on the size, appearance and tire brand.

✓ First class quality & high durability

✓ Unique driving experience thanks to reduction of shocks & noise

✓ Optimal performance & long mileage

✓ 100% accuracy of fit

✓ Upgrade your VW Atlas or VW Teramont SUV

✓ Timeless, elegant and sporty design