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The new Amarok from Volkswagen is for all those who like to be on the road in wind and weather and rely on a powerful, robust and yet comfortable vehicle! This off-roader leaves nothing to be desired thanks to the versatility and unique design.

What rounds off the image of this sovereign pick-up without a doubt? Correct - the perfect set of VW Amarok Offroad complete wheels.

At Räderzentrum Osnabrück, we offer you and your powerful Amarok commercial vehicle a large selection of original VW Amarok winter complete wheels and Amarok summer complete wheels and that at an absolute best price. We are happy to advise you on the size, color and tire brand.

Amarok complete wheels for your pick-up

Original complete wheels for your versatile off-road vehicle Amarok provide an absolute eye-catcher on any terrain. For the VW Amarok, there is a large range of sporty, powerful and elegant wheels and tires designed for intensive use. From steel rims to alloy wheels and all terrain tires, it's all there. The unique design is re-emphasized with each set of complete wheels Amarok. Even with the wheels offroad is lived and loved outdoor!

Depending on the choice of your Amarok VW rims, your off-roader will look even more noble, sporty or classic.RZO will be happy to help you find the perfect original Amarok wheels for your taste. Of course we can offer you besides Amarok winter wheels also VW Amarok summer wheels, so that you are safe and stylish offroad in every season.

At Räderzentrum Osnabrück you will find at any time a very large selection of original wheels for the VW Amarok - and that for every season! Make an appointment with us now and let us advise you quickly and competently. We are also happy to mount the new wheels directly on your pick-up.

Where does the name Amarok come from?

Volkswagen could not have chosen a more appropriate name for the popular pick-up. The word "Amarok" comes from the language of the Inuit, an ethnic group of Eskimos settled in Greenland and northern Canada. Amarok means: wolf. Among the Inuit, the wolf is the "king of the wilderness" and stands above all for superiority, robustness, strength and endurance. The perfect characteristics to describe the VW Amarok.

Does the Amarok always have all-wheel drive?

The new VW Amarok adapts optimally to its surroundings and the load to be towed thanks to the six adjustable driving modes. The all-wheel drive can be switched on or permanently set. The additional driving modes confidently support the Amarok VW in tackling the most difficult conditions. In addition to the familiar "Normal" and "Eco" modes, you will now also find the "Slippery" mode for ice- and snow-covered roads, "Sand" for sandy surfaces or deeper snow, "Mud/Rutting" and "Cargo/Trailer" modes in your Amarok.

VW Amarok

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VW Amarok winter complete wheels for the coldest season

With the VW Amarok you don't have to worry about the winter season anymore. The pick-up is up to any weather and any surface thanks to the six selectable driving modes. If the temperatures are permanently below 7 degrees, it is time to have Amarok winter wheels fitted. In addition, you can switch on the driving modes "Slippery" for ice-covered roads or "Sand" for road conditions with deeper snow. Since the driving mode is only supportive, you should not do without original Amarok winter wheels.

Original Amarok winter wheels provide a significantly shorter braking distance in cold temperatures and let you drive with more grip and safety on the roads. High quality and original rims with matching winter tires from reputable tire manufacturers provide your Amarok Offroader with a noticeably better grip while driving.

At Räderzentrum Osnabrück you can convert your VW Amarok to winter tires. We have a large number of original Amarok rims in stock, so you can be sporty, powerful and elegant on the road even in the cold season. You can not decide with all the choice in terms of size and color? We will be happy to advise you on site, by phone or by mail.

VW Amarok summer wheels for the hot months

The new Amarok is a real thoroughbred off-roader that offers even more off-road capability than its predecessor with over 25 assistance systems. The new equipment and the diverse driving modes make excursions with the elegant pick-up an unforgettable experience, especially in the warm summer months.

If you want to enjoy the off-road tours safely and without worries, you should change in advance to original VW Amarok summer complete wheels. Amarok summer tires adapt optimally to the road conditions thanks to the special rubber compound of the tires and provide the necessary grip and a significantly shorter braking distance. Amarok summer wheels have a longer mileage and thanks to the wider tread can remove the wet faster.

Contact now your wheel expert RZO and together we will find the perfect set for your VW Amarok or VW Amarok V6!

How do I recognize original VW Amarok rims?

When you decide to buy a new set of Amarok complete wheels, you should make sure that they are genuine Volkswagen. Don't know how? Here are a few tips:

  • VW engraves the well-known Volkswagen logo on the inside of the rims.
  • Check the part number engraved on the inside of the Amarok rim.
  • Look at the size and offset on the inside of the VW Amarok rim.
  • Look for high quality - unevenness or even major defects indicate counterfeits. Volkswagen Amarok rims are always manufactured with the highest precision and are subject to strict tests.
  • Buy your VW Amarok complete wheels only at the dealer of trust! At RZO you get only tested original VW Amarok rims.

What are the advantages of original Volkswagen Amarok wheels?

If you decide to buy original complete wheels for your rugged off-roader VW Amarok, we will be happy to help you with your choice. The original Amarok complete wheels are absolutely robust, give your pick-up an individual character and can easily serve the look from powerful to elegant.

At RZO you get only original VW rims for your Amarok! We are happy to advise you on the size, appearance and tire brand.

✓ First class quality & high durability

✓ Unique offroad feeling

✓ Optimal performance & intensive load possible

✓ 100% accuracy of fit

✓ Upgrading of your VW Amarok Pick-Up

✓ Timeless, robust and sporty design