Buy BMW rims online at RZO

You can call a sporty BMW your own and want to make your dream car visually stand out a little more from other models? Then the choice of new BMW wheels is not far away. At Räderzentrum Osnabrück we will be happy to advise you which set of original BMW complete wheels suits you and your BMW best. Just tell us which BMW you drive, which style you like best and together we will find the wheels that will make your BMW a real dream car.

At RZO you only get high-quality original BMW wheels - whether for winter or summertime. The BMW OEM rims fit 100% on your model and therefore do not require TÜV registration. Simply choose a new BMW wheel set and have it installed directly on site in Osnabrück if you wish. We will be happy to store your old sentence with us. It has never been so easy to buy BMW complete wheels!

BMW complete wheels for your car

If you drive a BMW and are looking for new rims that have a long service life and do not require TÜV registration, we recommend that you buy original BMW wheels. The high manufacturer quality ensures a upgrading of your car and a particularly high level of driving comfort. Not to mention the perfect look - because original BMW wheels were specially designed by BMW for your BMW.

At Räderzentrum Osnabrück you will find a large selection of original BMW complete wheels for your vehicle. Whether you drive a BMW 1 Series, BMW M4, BMW X6 or BMW i3 - we will find the perfect BMW complete wheels for the summer and winter season for every model.

How do I recognize original BMW alloy wheels?

If you're looking to buy a new set of original BMW wheels, we'd like to give you a few tips to help you recognize original goods at first or second glance. These are the features that original BMW wheels should have:

  • The BMW brand logo is engraved on the rim.
  • Note the part number, which can be found on the inside of the rim.
  • Look at other information about the rim, such as the size and offset. You can also find this rim data on the inside of the rim.
  • Look for a high quality - unevenness or even major defects often indicate a plagiarism, because each BMW rim is manufactured with the highest precision and undergoes rigorous testing before it reaches the market.
  • Buy your BMW complete wheels at the dealer of your confidence! At RZO you get only tested original BMW OEM rims.

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Original BMW winter complete wheels at the best price

Original BMW winter wheels are also called winter wheels or BMW winter tires and are specially designed for cold seasons. With these wheels, you can count on a special (and softer) rubberization of the tires, which can respond optimally to cold and wet asphalt. The result: a shorter braking distance and more safety on the road.

At RZO you get original wheels from BMW at the absolute top price and with the usual high manufacturer quality. If you want to resell your BMW winter rims, we will gladly make you a fair offer. Original BMW rims hardly lose any value, so that the investment is more than worthwhile in the long run.

You are unsure which BMW winter wheels fit your car? Then make an appointment now at Räderzentrum Osnabrück and we will be happy to advise you on your options. Of course, we will also give you our recommendations free of charge via phone or e-mail. Thanks to the large selection of BMW OEM wheels in our warehouse, we are guaranteed to quickly find the perfect size, color and rim look for your car and can mount your new wheels directly on site or send them to you as quickly as possible.

Why drive BMW winter wheels in winter?

Depending on the temperature, a different rubber compound of the tires is required to participate safely in road traffic. Conventional summer wheels have an enormous impact on the usual performance in ice and snow, and dicey situations can quickly arise. The solution is therefore simple: switch to original BMW winter wheels as soon as temperatures consistently stay below 7°C.

BMW winter complete wheels were developed specifically for the cold season and extreme road conditions, and thanks to the tire profil and the special rubber coating provide better grip and a shorter braking distance. Compared to summer tires, winter tires are made of a much softer rubber that can react more flexibly on the icy cold asphalt.

Original BMW winter wheels can distribute the power more efficiently to the brakes and, thanks to the tire profil, provide more grip and a shorter braking distance on ice and snow . If you buy new winter wheels for your BMW, make sure that they are original BMW rims. So you buy a comfortable driving experience and the long mileage at the same time.

According to ADAC, the legal minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm only covers basic safety. So if you really want to drive safely through the cold season, you should consider a minimum tread depth of 4 mm and replace the winter tires after 6 years at the latest. Due to the cold temperatures, the rubber on BMW winter wheels becomes so hard over time that the grip decreases and the braking distance increases.

Why original BMW summer wheels are important

The temperatures keep climbing and the summer invites you to take a variety of city trips by car. With original BMW summer wheels, your BMW can not only attract everyone's attention, but also improve your safety on the streets. The high temperatures in the summertime demand a lot from the bikes. The rubber on the BMW summer tires has to be significantly harder to minimize abrasion on the hot asphalt and keep the braking distance as short as possible.

The tire profil of original BMW summer tires is also different than that of BMW winter wheels and is significantly wider. This has the advantage that the rainwater can run off faster and your car has an improved grip. Last but not least, original BMW complete summer wheels give your dream car an aesthetic and timeless look. The original BMW rims are 100% a perfect fit for your BMW model and usually do not require TÜV registration.

At RZO you will find a large selection of original BMW alloy wheels for every BMW model. We are happy to advise you on the styling, color and possible size for your car.

What are the advantages of BMW summer wheels in summer?

If you want to get the best performance out of your BMW in the summer, you should drive original BMW summer wheels. Complete summer wheels from BMW not only provide a stylish and shapely look, they are also designed specifically for your model from the highest quality materials and therefore offer a high level of safety protection. The high temperatures in summer demand a lot from the rubber compound of the summer tires. Therefore, it is advisable to drive original BMW summer tires, as their rubber is harder and have a much better grip on the hot asphalt than the soft winter tires. If the tire rubber is harder, there is not so fast abrasion on the roads and the usual braking performance is given. In addition, summer tires in the summer do not wear as quickly as winter tires on hot asphalt.

The tire profil of BMW complete summer wheels is significantly wider so that moisture can be wicked away more quickly and grip is provided. This is the only way your dream car can stop quickly in dicey situations.

If you still hesitate to switch to BMW summer wheels in summer (despite the advantages mentioned), you might be convinced by the argument that you can even save fuel thanks to the special rubber compound of summer tires. The wear is therefore significantly lower in summer than if you were to ride BMW winter wheels in summer! And thanks to the better mileage, you can enjoy your BMW wheels for even longer.

Why not drive BMW winter wheels in the summer?

Changing the wheels regularly makes perfect sense in terms of the associated safety on the road. The different temperatures in summer and winter place different demands on the tire rubber of BMW winter tires and BMW summer tires. In principle, no BMW winter wheels should be ridden in hot temperatures. The background to this is that the rubber of the tires wears out much faster on hot asphalt than in winter and also due to the significantly narrower tire profil, a significantly longer braking distance can be expected in the wet.

If you want to drive your BMW safely in a cold area, choose original BMW winter complete wheels from Räderzentrum Osnabrück. We will be happy to advise you on the size, color and styling - because one thing is certain: Even in winter you can be on the road with sporty and original BMW wheels and do not have to make sacrifices in terms of appearance, safety or driving comfort. That's what BMW winter wheels stand for!

What are the advantages of original BMW wheels?

If your heart beats for BMW, it makes sense that you upgrade your car with original BMW wheels. When you decide on original BMW alloy wheels, you not only buy the quality, but also the perfect look. These complete wheels are developed by BMW under the largest quality and safety controls - ideally matched to the respective BMW model. The particularly high-quality BMW aluminum rims ensure extremely pleasant driving comfort and also optically fit perfectly with the overall picture of your car.

At Räderzentrum Osnabrück you will always find a very large selection of original BMW rims and BMW complete wheels for your dream car. We offer many different stylings, sizes and colors, so you will find the perfect set for your BMW. Whether you're in the mood for timeless, sporty, or elegant wheels, you're sure to find the BMW wheels that suit your taste at RZO.

✓ High quality original rims

✓ High durability & long mileage

✓ No TÜV registration necessary

✓ Upgrading of your BMW

✓ 100% accuracy of fit

✓ Timeless, sporty and aesthetic design